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Who shits the most?

Full movie length: 32 minutes Production date: Jul 18, 2019 Full movie price: -- Victoria | Nicole | Chimeny | Saori Kido Pack with: 1 clips
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Nicole, Chimeny and Victoria are sharing life experiences, and competing with each other to see who has the best poop story between them. Saori confronts them all and proposes a crap competition to see if they're as good as they say and who's the best at it. Each one shows their huge asses, pick up a transparent dish and start to shit. Nicole has a diarrhea, while the other girls do a consistent and very brown poop. To show that she is better than her friends, Saori rubs the shit of their four in her own body, without disgust, while the other three vomit on her and make it even more insane. Who would have imagined that this conversation would end with so much traces of digested food, eh?

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Comments 2019-07-18 16:05:21 UTC

More of Victoria!

kelseyrosesrred 2019-07-25 02:47:48 UTC

This would have been great if Saori was disgusted during it, and being punished and humiliated

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