The new roommate

Spicy , Diana
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Scat
Date Jul 01, 2019


Diana accepted a new girl to become her roommate. She made the rules clear: the girl could be comfortable as long as she didn’t touch her things. Seconds after Diana leaves, Spicy tries to invade her computer to spy on her life, but for her bad luck, Diana comes back and catches her in the act! Oh, now this loose girl will suffer... In addition to being expelled from her new home, Diana will give her an unforgettable lesson. She sits with her ass in Spicy's face, stifling her, but that's not the worst part... Being one of the Scat queens, of course Diana makes a point of shitting on the girl! A very soft diarrhea, brown and full of pieces of food, completely dirty. It was certainly a traumatic experience!

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