Shitting on an ex-friend

Lizandra , Stella
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Scat
Date Nov 11, 2019


Lizandra is agonized to make a confession to her friend Stella. The brunette gives full attention to the situation, and Lizandra confesses that she betrayed their friendship to steal her job, resting with their boss. Stella gets furious and doesn’t contain herself, attacking Lizandra and leaving her naked. The brunette demeans her ex-friend in every way, from trampling her to punching her belly and sitting on her face. The worst comes when Stella decides to empty her gut in Lizandra's face and make her eat all her shit, which is soft, brown and full of little bits of undigested food. Lizandra cries while getting covered in shit, but she certainly deserved that fucking punishment, right?

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