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Poop pizza

Full movie length: 60 minutes Production date: Aug 26, 2019 Full movie price: -- Tatthy | Cristina | Raquel | Julia Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Cristina, Raquel and Julia are starving and the pizza has been taking an hour to arrive! When Tatthy arrives to deliver, the pizza is wrong and incomplete, but she still demands the payment. Enraged and outnumbered, the three friends strike the pizza maker, strip her and tie her, ready for a splendid revenge! The girls drench Tatthy in piss to relieve the heat, rubbing she in the wet and peeing directly at her. In addition, they couldn't help but shitting the pizza eaten on her, rubbing the pasty droppings all over the pizza maker’s body while she cries and is demeaned. To top it off, they still puke on Tatthy's head, completing the trio of filth. Oh, a digested pizza is always tastier!

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