No excuses, just shit!

Tatthy , Maria
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Scat
Date Oct 14, 2019


Maria is very angry with her maid because the girl has clogged the bathroom again! Tired of hearing Tatthy's apologies, the employer will punish her today by making her lick and suck on her old feet. To make matters worse, Maria gets naked and stifles the maid with her private parts, and Tatthy gets breathless, her face covered with a pussy and huge tits. Still not satisfied with the suffering, Maria sits with her ass in the face of the maid and shit on her, because if she can’t use the toilet, then she will relieve herself in Tatthy’s mouth! Everything that is digested in the mistress' gut is scattered on the maid's face, who is imposed to eat the shit and endure that what is left over is spread throughout her body. No more time for excuses, Tatthy will be covered in merciless shit!

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