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My food scraps

Full movie length: 28 minutes Production date: Mar 18, 2019 Full movie price: -- Outro | Bia Pack with: 1 clips
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Bia is a tiny thin slave and her dome is way too cruel. Today, the dome is wearing a bat costume, wishing to be as bad as she can and torment her slave to feel satisfied. Wearing a whip, she slaps the girl with it a bunch of times, till Bia have her skin all red and marked. After that, the slave has to lick the dome’s pussy and ass, preparing it to the best part, where the dome gives to the slave all the rests she has inside of her. To kill the thirsty of Bia, the dome gives her the scraps of everything she drank that day, pissing on her mouth and wetting everything around. For the great meal, the dome poops right on Bia’s face, making her eat all the digested food and rub it all over her body. Delicious meal, huh?

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