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Lesbian Kaviar Vol-1

Full movie length: 57 minutes Production date: Jul 24, 2017 Full movie price: -- Bel | Bianca | Melissa | Flavia Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

This video tells a story about 3 Lesbians friends, they were very, but very close and insatiable. Bianca hires a new maid (Flavia), and she becomes her slave. Flavia was a wonderful slave, very obedient, but Bianca lent her submissive maid, and make her to eat Melissa and Bel's Kaviar, and she had to eat and drink everything. For the first time on this video, Flavia, the new actress of MFvideo receives 3 girls' Kaviar, and drink, without stopping! it is incredible how she likes to receive Kaviar! She is a great actress! Her inspiration comes from Silvia SC the most sensational international actress. The new collection of wonderful MFX videos. Check it out!


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