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Humiliate Appointment

Full movie length: 60 minutes Production date: Dec 3, 2018 Full movie price: -- Outro | Sayuri | Michele Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Sayuri and Michele are feeling sick, so they decided to go to the doctor. When they get there, they are treated really strangely, full of rude questions and with no solving their sickness. When they think it’s finally over, the doctor locks the door and starts a different treatment. Tying their hands, making them kiss and get naked and slapping their butts, that’s how it starts. Following the treatment, the doctor makes them lick her feet and the floor, as they beg for her to stop. A piss section starts and the doctor pour the yellow hot liquid all over the girl's mouth and face, making them swallow it. In the grand finale of this appointment, the great part of the treatment is a lot of asslicking and the doctor shitting on the patient's mouths. All the scat is spread all over their faces and the floor and they have to lick it and kiss after that. Do you want a treatment like that too? I bet you do!

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