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Feeding the mummy

Full movie length: 30 minutes Production date: Mar 11, 2019 Full movie price: -- Outro | Bel | Barbara Cristina Pack with: 1 clips
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Barbara and Bel have their own particular mummy, always locked in her black coffin and all wrapped in gauze. Today, they decided to be good girls and feed the mummy. Enjoying the fact that they already wanna poop, they’ll put together these two things and make a great movie. Letting the mummy out of her coffin and laying her down, Barbara and Bel make her lick their pussies as a treat for the drink and food she’s gonna eat that day. These two spit and then make jets of hot piss on the mummy’s mouth, killing all of her thirst. The best part of today’s banquet comes when the brunette and the blondie release all the digested food they had on their intestines right on to the mummy’s face, making a mountain of pasty shit and forcing it inside her throat with their feet. The mummy gets all dirty and her gauze turns brown, but at least now she’s fed and the girls feel relieved!

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