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Double Kaviar

Full movie length: 52 minutes Production date: Dec 2, 2019 Full movie price: -- Outro | Adriana Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

This blonde domme has acquired a new slave, and is telling Adriana how effective the girl can be. Adriana is interested and wants to meet the girl. For this, the blonde domme forces the slave to provide services for both of them at the same time! She starts by having to suck on their pussies and lick their asses, but soon she is put to the test: both fill glasses of piss and the slave is forced to gargle, drink and spit all the yellow liquid that comes from their bladders! Right after this show, the dommes position themselves and start shitting in the slave's mouth, and so much shit comes out of their asses that forms a mound in the slave’s face, who chews, rubs it through her body and gets covered in brown slime. This all ends with a beautiful vomiting session, amazing to watch!

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