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You love my butt!

Full movie length: 58 minutes Production date: Feb 10, 2020 Full movie price: -- Barbara Cristina | Mike Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Barbara heard that Mike admires her ass a lot! Excited by the information, she goes to him and proposes a facesitting session, with everything he deserves. Of course, he readily accepts and at the same moment Barbara sits on his face, placing him between her buttocks. The boy feels in paradise under that ass and doesn’t complain about shortness of breath for even a second, especially because he has the chance to suck her pussy and lick Barbara's ass afterwards. But it doesn't end there: the girl has an asset! With a lot of diarrhea, she shits like a waterfall right in Mike's mouth, and the liquid poop is swallowed whole by him! His face and body get covered in shit, and Barbara can't stop shitting herself. What a hot scat scene!

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