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Shitting with love

Full movie length: 33 minutes Production date: May 23, 2019 Full movie price: -- Nicole | Chimeny Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Nicole is working hard today, completely focused. Chimeny arrives late to meet her and Nicole tries to talk about work with her girlfriend, but all Chimeny wants is Nicole to pay attention to her. After much insistence, the brunette gets what she wants and these two begin to make out, rubbing their bodies and kissing a lot, soon entering the climate and licking each other's ass. In the middle of the act, these two feel like pissing, so they enjoy the moment and spice up the situation with a delicious golden shower, one pissing in the other. Nicole can’t but feeling a huge need to poop, so Chimeny receives all her girlfriend’s shit and spreads it all over her body. In the end, the two of them are completely shit and pissed, while they feel a lot of pleasure together!

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