Shit session

Giovanna , Karla
Duration 60 minutes
Quality HD
Category Scat
Date Jul 22, 2019


Giovanna is waiting for her next client, and Karla arrives on time. There is a confusion between them because Karla has hired a lesbian sex session, but the service Giovanna offers involves far more disgusting things than that. The blonde then dominates Karla and ties her up, but even so the girl invests in the domme, who ends up giving in to the horny and fucking with the client. They suck, kiss, rub, moan and pound with pleasure, and it's when they're more involved that Giovanna starts her disgusting job: she shits on the client! Karla loves the job and decides to shit too, and these two get their bodies covered in scat. They swallow the digested food, wipe it everywhere, and lick their remains full of scraps. It's a complete shit session!

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