Shit on the thief

Erika , Bel , Outro
Duration 47 minutes
Quality HD
Category Scat
Date Nov 25, 2019


Erika and her friend arrive and catch Bel in the act, stealing a piece of decoration from Erika's living room. For the daring of the slave, the domme decides to punish her, and for that she will demean her in the worst possible way. First, Bel is imposed to suck Erika and her friend, sticking her tongue in their pussies and ass until they are satisfied. After that, they start to pee and make her drink that waterfall of urine, getting her ready for the final part… The shit! They shit soft, a pasty, very brown scat that spreads all over the room, because Erika's friend also likes to play with shit and enjoys the moment with the slave. Bel chews it all and rubs it down her body. Erika runs an amazing scat session!

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