Duration 61 minutes
Quality HD
Category Scat
Date Sep 09, 2019


Vanessa and Iohana are enjoying that their dommes have gone out to kiss, and just when things get hotter, they're caught in the act! Karina and Jennifer will not allow lesbianism to happen, so they will punish the slaves. Leaving them naked and tying them, they force Vanessa and Iohana to lick their asses and burn them with candles, besides bruising their intimate parts. To make the demeaning worse, Karina and Jennifer piss in the slaves’ faces, and make them soak in piss! Finally, while the girls cry and scream, the dommes shit and puke in their mouths, scattering what's left over, mixing a disgusting, soft diarrhea with a vomit full of chunks of food. Wow!

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