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Naughty slave punished - part 2

Full movie length: 37 minutes Production date: Sep 12, 2019 Full movie price: -- Saori Kido | Adrielly Fernandes | Tais Daeva Pack with: 1 clips
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After being demeaned with a lot of piss by Taís and Adrielly, Saori's suffering continues for another 10 minutes. In that continuation, the naughty slave will be forced to swallow mounts of scat, which are shit right in her mouth! The dommes make her chew her fecal cake of digested food, and rub the very brown shit all over her body. Saori suffers and begs for them to stop, but nothing is so much fun then watching her eat scat. Taís and Adrielly mistreat and call her names all the time, so that the slave understands that her place will always be obeying them. All shitted and demeaned, Saori will never be a naughty slave again!

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kelseyrosesrred 2019-09-10 23:29:41 UTC

We would like to see scat on hair and scat on face please

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