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4 girls shitting in Europe

Full movie length: 51 minutes Production date: Feb 17, 2020 Full movie price: -- Karla | Karen | Barbara Cristina | Leticia Miller Pack with: 1 clips
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These four girls went to Europe with almost no money, and every time the hunger hits, they found an incredible alternative to feed… poop! First, Leticia shits on the train, they put the shit in a glass and throw it out the window. Soon after, Karla and Karen get lost in the woods, and as they are hungry, they decide to shit each other's mouth right there, delighting in the huge pieces of scat. When they finally find Leticia and Barbara, the game continues! The 4 of them begin to shit themselves whole, relieving their intestines and filling their stomachs with each other's shit, making piles of poop to ingest and pass through the body. A complete meal!

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